Our Services

We have become well known because of our many services that we offer to our customers. Meter products – Confection – Custom made fabrics. Starting from 15m2

Meter products

  • Double folded rolls 15-20 meter a piece
  • Complete collections
  • Cash-and-carry showroom
  • No minimum pieces per visit
  • Delivery throughout Europe via parcel service at low cost
  • Pre-order is possible


  • Last-minute delivery possible by the use of our stock
  • Gigantic order are possible
  • Smaller amounts are also possible
  • Large quantities delivered troughout Europe 24/48/72 hours delivery
  • Deliveries always selected by dye lot
  • Deliveries with instructionlabels possible
  • Delivery to your studio
  • Reservation and Pre-order possible


  • Al of our standard qualities, but also our fashion items, can be produced in special made color compositions.
  • Since we buy complete collections from factories, we can give you competitive prices. You buy including the import duties, so no need for clearance documents. Banking papaerwork and demands, we will take care of that as well.
  • The production time for deliveries with far-east production is about 4 weeks, plus 4 weeks transport when shipped by boat. Aircargo on request possible.
  • We can arrange all of your transportation to your production sights.

Got questions? Please do not hestitate to contact us.