Dotted Voile Fabric: Elegance in Every Dot!

Explore the elegance of our lightweight, airy plumeti fabric, available in a pretty light blue and 17 other colorways. Our 0897 Poppy is a sheer, lightweight fabric made of polyester, characterized by its small, raised dots arranged in a diamond pattern. These dots add a subtle texture, making this fabric a popular choice for special occasion garments and detailed fashion pieces.

With its light, airy feel and delicate, decorative texture, this fabric is ideal for summer clothes such as blouses, light dresses, tops, and shorts. The polyester composition adds durability and reduces wrinkling, making it perfect for everyday wear and easy care.
Prefer a Natural Option? We also offer a cotton alternative for those who prefer an organic feel. Made from the finest cotton, our 0858 Plumity fabric is a natural, breathable option that provides comfort and the benefits of cotton.

For those who love a touch of glamour, make a combination with 20916 Digi Ink Flowers Lurex Jacquard. This bold fabric has a similar diamond pattern made of glittering lurex, perfect for statement pieces. Mix and match with other textures to create stunning outfits.

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