Linen Cotton: Mix and Match Different Patterns for Summer

We’re excited to share the wonders of linen cotton fabric, a blend that combines the best qualities of linen and cotton. Linen cotton offers ultimate comfort by keeping you cool and dry. Linen’s breathability ensures you stay cool, while cotton’s softness feels wonderful against your skin, making it a lovely blend of fabrics.

The linen cotton blend is also exceptionally durable. Linen adds strength to the fabric, while cotton provides flexibility, making it last longer. Plus, this means it’s less likely to wrinkle, so it’s easier to take care of. Our latest collection of linen cotton fabrics comes in three patterns: 90029 Linen Cotton Plain, 90030 Linen Cotton Stripes, and 90028 Linen Cotton Herringbone. These 3 articles are available in 17 colors, you can effortlessly mix and match these colors or patterns to create your desired look!

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